Castle and cabin for sale for $525,000
Dec 16, 2022
Castle and cabin for sale for $525,000 Houston
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Abstract: If you're looking for your own personal kingdom, a cosy retreat and adjoining castle in Colorado's Red Feather Lakes is ready for you to rule, and it's asking for a modest $525,000.

Situated next to the Roosevelt National Forest, this eco-friendly 500 square foot cabin is known as Owl Studios.


Its walls are built with renewable building materials: clay, wool insulation, river rock and pine.


Recycled tyres were used for the shingle roof.


The cabin was built in 2016, while the adjoining castle was completed in 2018.


The family who sold the property bought it to create a sort of hideaway and a place to go for inspiration.


When the owners purchased the property, their intention was to create a hideaway for educational wilderness workshops and nature or art therapy.


According to the listing, the property is classified as structural art because it meets the criteria of elegance, efficiency and affordability.


The property's 6.5 acres provide space for a film, art or yoga studio, and could even be used as a meditation retreat.


The property has been fitted with a septic system and can accommodate a four-bedroom house.


The main floor has a spacious living area and a cosy fireplace.


A ladder leads up to the loft area where you can enjoy the beautiful views.


A few feet away, the castle is a work in progress.


There is a half bath, but the shower and kitchen are unfinished.


The most attractive amenity of the property is probably its location, where tranquillity and nature reign supreme.


Red Feather Lake is a neat little community, a small town surrounded by a group of lakes.


Fox Manor has a beautiful golf course, and fishing, boating and camping are nearby.


It is also only about 40 minutes away from Fort Collins.

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Castle and cabin for sale for $525,000