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Dec 26, 2022
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Abstract: Some design trends have been around for much longer than they should have, with great staying power.

1. vintage and craft furniture

This trend is very popular in 2022 because it's easy and we all need a beautiful, versatile space to gather with family and friends.

Get this look. Look for vintage dining furniture at your local antique shop or flea market, or check out these dining chair options.

2. Eclectic light fixtures

Lamps are often thought of as the jewels of the room, and in 2022, eclectic lamps like the one featured by @lizmearns are everywhere.

Eclectic lamps are becoming increasingly common in dining rooms because of the importance of maximising their impact.

These bold, unique lamps add a fresh, modern touch to any dining room and provide a nice contrast to the vintage tableware that is so popular right now.

3. Something woven

Woven wooden furniture offers such a comfortable and relaxed feel, a look that is very popular in 2022 and will continue to be a top choice in 2023 because of its durability, simplicity and functionality.

4. Curved furniture

These gorgeous curved chairs make such a statement with their bold style in steel blue, and the circular rug further drives the design with its on-trend theme.

5. Sensual and emotional design

Another trend we've seen (and loved) this year is dark and moody spaces, like this one from @making_walford_magical.

We've completely leaned into the trend of saturated, moody spaces, and dark colours in a dining room can be simultaneously calming and elegant. It works best if everything - the ceiling, the decor and the walls - are in the same shade.